With Spring comes not only the usual list of cleaning chores, but also the desire to freshen up your home with a splash of colour. We thought this would be a timely topic so we began researching the best tips on how to select colours for your home and understanding how different colours relate to one another.

We found this great Infographic {below} that was designed by the good people from Home Depot.  It’s an excellent guide to colour theory and using a colour wheel when painting your home.

Some of the key colour tips worth noting include:

  • Pick your paint colour last – It’s easier to match a paint colour to artwork or a rug than to try to match those items to walls that are already painted
  • Small spaces create a big impactTry painting a small space, such as a powder room. Lots of colour in a small space can create a major impact
  • One colour hue A foolproof way to create a lovely look is to choose one colour and then use it in many different hues. The variations within the same colour will create a rich look

We hope you’ll find this to a very useful tool the next time you’re ready to pick up a roller or paintbrush!

Happy painting!

Don & Diana

choosing colours when painting your home

tips on choosing colours when painting your home


Credit: The original infographic can be found at: http://ext.homedepot.com/community/blog/color-theory-color-wheel-guide/